The benefits of Free Standing Showers

There are several benefits of free-standing showers, they provide an enclosed, independent bathing space and much more such as:



More space in your bathroom

Independent Showering Space

More privacy

Perfect for small bathrooms

Allows for Water Conservation

Several Shower Fixtures Available

Easy to entering and Exit.


We have the latest freestanding showers in the industry with a unique design, unbeatable pricing with endless design possibilities which will enhance the value of your home while providing you the best showering experience.


Lyvayko Freestanding Shower System is a unique one-step approach modular system that provides a leak-free unit with safe and easy installation. Our exclusive customized designs allow you to express individuality. One of the competitive advantages of the product is that it is assembled with thinnest and most durable walls in the industry (only 3/4″ thick). As a result, our shower system takes less room but still provides 100% waterproofing, preventing leaks and mold issues. Our shower system gives the opportunity to EITHER step away from traditional room arrangements of installing units by the wall/ strictly into the corner OR follow the classic bathroom layouts.

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